Cambridge Airport (EGSC) Information

Airfield / Circuit specific:

  • Airfield elevation: 47ft
  • Circuits: 23, 28 LH & 05,10 RH QFE
  • Circuit Heights:
    • Helicopters: 700ft
    • Fixed Wing: 1000ft
    • Jets/Twins: 1500ft
  • Useful Numbers:
    • ATC: 01223 293737
    • ATIS: 01223 295631

Radio Frequencies:

  • ATIS: 134.6
  • TOWER: 125.9
  • RADAR: 124.975
Runway info TORA LDA Lighting
05 Asphalt 1851 1635 Ap thr rwy PAPI 3 LHS
23 Asphalt 1892 1747 As above
05/23 Grass 899 899 None
10/28 Grass 699 699 None

Displaced threshold runway 05 216m, Displaced threshold runway23 145m

Cambridge Airport Flying Community | Airfield

RNAV BKY 116.25 021 13.5

PPR for Jets and Twins only. Airfield not available to non-radio aircraft
HI-VIS is required.
A security charge may be levied for secure parking.
Optional handling by Execujet available for light aircraft £25
Customs available with PPR

Noise: avoid flying over Cambridge below 2000ft.
Rwy 05R to climb ahead thru 500ft QFE before turning
Rwy 05L to climb ahead thru 2000ft QFE before turning
Rwy 23L to climb ahead thru 500ft QFE before turning
Rwy 23R to climb ahead thru 2000ft QFE before turning


Operating Hours:

  • General Aviation: Mon-Fri 0830-1800L Sat-Sun 0800-1900
  • Coffee Shop: Mon-Fri 0830-1630
  • Restaurant: Mon-Fri 0730-1000, 1230-1400

If arriving outside GA hours please use Execujet (handling fee may apply)

Landing Fees: £25 up to 1.5MT pay on day
Discount for training ACFT on request via AD authority.

Maintenance: Cambridge Aero Club maintenance can maintain most light single and twin engine aircraft by arrangement 


For a list of landing fees, please click here.

Cambridge Airport Flying Community | Cessna

Cambridge Airport Flying Community | Welcome to Cambridge
Helicopter specific information:Helicopter Hover Taxi Route: Helicopters are requested to hover HA then onto parking as directed. Exit in reverse direction.

Helicopter VRPs:

  • November – Reservoir/small lake 0.25nm (N5214.38 E00011.25)
  • Echo – Plantation S of A14 (N5212.47 E00014.54)
  • Sierra – Golf Course (N5209.51 E00010.27)

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